CSiT was founded in 2011 by a group of senior executives from Telecite and ALSTOM. With decades of experience in delivering integrated communication and security systems to the transit industry worldwide, our team members are recognized experts that contribute in delivering solutions that make a difference and leave a lasting legacy for our clients.


The Company

Our Company is comprised of world-class experts in the field with proven experience that spans over more than 20 years. Our leadership is demonstrable by its vision and values that provide industry-leading innovation, services and products.


Our Business Practice

The importance of an adapted Business Practice to the transit industry has been of outmost importance since the inception of CSiT. Our practice is in line with CMMI-L2 standards to meet the demanding nature of our projects.



Our Management team is focused on relationships where attention to detail, adherence to implementation schedules and a high degree of attention to customer service allow us to build lasting and trusted relationships with our employees, suppliers, partners and clients.