The CSiT Information Integration approach combines our domain knowledge of public transportation with expertise in technology integration along with our services and business practice to deliver on unique solutions for Smart Mobility for each Transit Operator.


Real-time Information

Transit Operators and Smart Mobility participants often have issues ensuring consistency and accuracy of information being provided to travellers.

CSiT solutions deliver on the promise of providing real-time information consistent across an entire network. This information may be provided to a single mode of transport as well as extending the solution to all modes and operators of Smart Mobility in the City.



With TRANSIS, our services apply to implementing and synchronizing sub-systems such as Public Address and Passenger Information. Its true value comes with the possibility of additional integration with train and bus tracking systems, CCTV, Access Control and Anti-intrusion, Radio and Telephony, Emergency Intercom, SCADA and Health and monitoring of equipment and sub-systems while using the same single point of reference of information and generic equipment control interfaces.



This approach can be applied for a single transit mode or a combination ranging from the Control Center to Stations, Bus Shelters, Trains, LRVs, and Buses within the same operator or across several operators of the City. Further extensions into interactivity with Kiosks, the internet and smartphones are also possible.