Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

This past decade has been a transformative one for transit systems. Digitalization and instrumentation have progressed at an accelerated pace. Data is ubiquitous, available everywhere in real-time, which poses a real challenge for transit operators.

What to do with this wealth of data?

On the one hand, operators are contending with more moving parts than ever to ensure operational efficiency. On the other, passengers expect insights into these complex systems. They want to be armed with accessible and actionable intelligence to manage their journeys—no easy task.

Recognizing that smart mobility and operational efficiency go hand in hand, CSiT provides novel solutions integrating Operations Management—including Supervision & Control (SCADA) and Passenger Communications—into a unified, data-driven system. Each solution gives operators greater control and cleaner insights while leveraging the same data to navigate passengers through a seamless journey.

How it works

How it works

Operation control centres and their SCADA systems (subway/metro, LRV/tram, and bus) send and receive respective data via a shared pipeline.

This data fabric is then harnessed to enhance journey planning for passengers while integrating and optimizing fleet/infrastructure management for operators.

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What our
data-centric architecture does for you:



Increased efficiency via supervision and control of subsystems—combined with integrated decision support, incident management systems, and analytics.

Availability and consistency

Availability and consistency

Reliable, relevant information for both passengers and operators.



Connecting multiple transport modes optimizes the commuter journey.

Enhanced real-time data sharing

Enhanced real-time data sharing

Benefit from an open published framework where data can be securely accessed, used, and shared (this framework also gives you the freedom to add on new services).

Open<br>integration hub

integration hub

Integrate and centrally supervise all services and subsystems (train fleet management, fixed assets, CCTV, etc.) via a standardized data model and message bus. Tether functional software services (SCADA, PIS, etc.) to fleet management and even integrate corporate systems such as workforce management and payroll.

Certified Business Practice

Certified Business Practice

Supporting both new-build and public renovation undertakings for public transportation, our Certified Business Practices are finely tuned for integration projects and full-system delivery. Taking things a step further, we’re guided by a Quality Control System encapsulating services, internal operations (i.e., supplier management), key business elements, and modern tools that facilitate full administrative and project automation.