Keeping everyone connected

Keeping everyone connected

Consolidating multiple subsystems, our station communications connect transit operators with passengers using public address, information hubs (i.e., kiosks), and other media operating from a single reference point.

And on the operations front, the same information is just as easy to navigate at the control centre with a touchscreen interface.

These solutions are adaptable to subway environments, railway stations, and even bus shelters in remote locations.

For passengers

Keep everyone one of your passengers informed, safe, and on time with as-it-happens updates.
  • arrow Public address
  • arrow Passenger information
  • arrow Complementary media

For operators

Maintain smooth operations with security features and intelligent detection capabilities.
  • arrow Passenger load determination
  • arrow CCTV
  • arrow Access control/intrusion detection
  • arrow Radio and telephony
  • arrow Emergency intercom