Mobile and web<br>application

Mobile and web

Customizable and ready to launch

Customizable and ready to launch

In addition to our kiosk, station, train, bus, and multimodal systems, our unified network leverages data to fuel a powerful passenger app.

Compatible with mobile or the web, the intuitive interface provides the public with a wealth of real-time information and interactive features such as trip planning and station navigation.

It can even display media content such as advertising.

Tethered to your every subsystem

Data from all reference points are consolidated and transformed into real-time passenger information.
  • arrow Service status for each mode of transportation
  • arrow Emergency messaging
  • arrow Escalator and elevator status for reduced mobility users
  • arrow Service maps with multi-touch functionality
  • arrow Media content and ad capabilities

A well-planned journey

Help commuters navigate your transit infrastructure with greater confidence and ease.
  • arrow Station navigator
  • arrow Neighbourhood map
  • arrow Real-time train/bus departure information
  • arrow Trip planner