Quebec City <br>Contract Award

Quebec City
Contract Award

$56 million to CSiT for the "brain" of
the LRT of the City of Quebec
Please read the Quebec City Press Release here.
Also, please find Radio-Canada related news item here

FGC Connected<br>train Contract

FGC Connected
train Contract

FGC has awarded CSiT a contract to provide a Real-Time Passenger Information connected train that includes real-time and contextual multi-modal and multi-operator connection information, elevator and escalator status of upcoming stations, points of interest, media content amongst many other information providing pertinent up to date journey information while passengers ride in Barcelona.

New York Genius<br>Transit Challenge

New York Genius
Transit Challenge

CSiT (CSinTrans) wins New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Genius Transit Challenge competition
Please read the CSiT Press Release here. Also, please find the MTA video explaining CSiT proposal as well as the MTA Press Release.